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Name:Francis James-Dean Farinella
Birthdate:May 15
Location:United States of America

There's something inside me, they did this.

Francis was a semi-loving family of Sheena Island. His mother was a singer in a club. James Farinella worked under Umbrella on a project to turn kids of a special blood type into Hypnos T-type Tyrant. He was a good man but being held against his will to do his work, he kept his family at arms length so not to hurt them. During the fall of the town when 'Vincent' showed up and exposed it all Francine Farinella locked her then 13 year old son and pet dog on his father's prized boat and went out to find her husband wanting to flee the island as a family.

Francis could do no more then watch and beat on the window as he saw Francine ripped apart by one of the Tyrants when she left the boat. He was left trapped in the boat for almost a month after the place was blown up the blast had sent the little boat out too sea, His father had assumed he and his mother to be dead and evacuated claiming to be a civilian and then went to work for Wilpharma under orders.

When Francis was finally able to break free of the boat when it washed ashore. He had survived off of food supplies that his father had left on the boat for long trips and when he ran out of food his hunger and slipping sanity lead him to eat his dog Alec. When he was found he was taken to a sanitarium for a psychiatric evaluation, the place was owned by umbrella who recognized the boys name and ran exparaments on him off the radar convining him that he was insane and slowly driving him as such. His story so unbeleiveable to those who didn't know that most ignored him. One night the exparament went wrong and the doctor in charge of him was found ripped apart but there was no proof to Francis being involved. The Doctor was the only link he had to umbrella. He was shipped to another facilty by a young woman who realized he might not be lying, she ahd missing family who had gone to Shenna island.

The woman found the right mix of medicines to keep him stable and hide the strange defect she found in his blood. She didn't want to know what it was, she'd heard many horror stories about what happened on that island. All that mattered was he seemed normal and when he turned 17 he was set free of the facility and with her help his records were wipped. Francis took to traveling. and by the time he reached his early twenties he had been through a lot. A horrible drug addiction that lead him to rekindle his love of eletronics after building a super computer with money gotten from when his gang banger friend Will, himself and the local gang (Who he got his drugs from) robbed a bank. He saw nothing wrong with spending his second chance at light high as a kite until one night he caught Will trying to steal the computer and rage over took him, he threw Will out the 15th story window of their apartment packing up what little he still owned and his computer taking what was left of the robbery money and going off into the night.

He abbandoned Will's Taurus for a 86 black Camero and took to traveling once more. His addiction made it had on him though and he ended up checking himself into rehab. A year or so later he found himself more stable and running a online group to try and take down Umbrella, he was a self taught computer genius with one goal. Take down Umbrella. Then he met her. Sherry Birkin. He feel for her quickly and the two started a relationship despite the fact they couldn't even so much as kiss becuase of an issue she has. He knows Umbrella is after her he just doesn't know she works for them.

Not long after he got serious with Sherry he met Dracula. YES. That Dracula. The two started a crime fighting duo. Francis often refurred to himself as Oracle, the DC character sidekick of Batman. All was going okay outside of a bit of drama until the day after Halo 4 released, Sherry was kidnapped and it took a week for Francis to realize/be told that she was gone. He blamed himself enough that he took himself off the meds as he had done a time or two before, but this time it was longer and he could feel something stirring inside.

An Original Character based off of Resident Evil: Gun Survivor

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